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A Green and Ancient Light
Durbin, Frederic S.

71% off list price of $24.99

Set in a world similar to our own, during a war that parallels World War II, A Green and Ancient Light is the stunning story of a boy who is sent to stay with his grandmother for the summer in a serene fishing village. Their tranquility is shattered by the crash of a bullet-riddled enemy plane, t...

Local Girl Swept Away
Wittlinger, Ellen

62% off list price of $17.99

They are four best friends who've shared joy and secrets, love and memories, and since the beginning, Lorna was the one who held them all together. Then, the unthinkable happens. During a storm, Lorna is swept out to sea, leaving the three survivors with nothing to cling to except grief and quest...

Beyond the Wild River
Maine, Sarah

71% off list price of $16.00

For fans of Kate Morton and Beatriz Williams, a highly atmospheric and suspenseful historical novel, set in the 1890s about a Scottish heiress who unexpectedly encounters her childhood friend in North America, five years after he disappeared from her family’s estate the night of a double murder.N...

The Boy Is Back
Cabot, Meg

71% off list price of $15.99

Reed Stewart thought he’d left all his small town troubles - including a broken heart - behind when he ditched tiny Bloomville, Indiana, ten years ago to become rich and famous on the professional golf circuit. Then one tiny post on the Internet causes all of those troubles to return . . . with ...

The Tommyknockers
King, Stephen

65% off list price of $18.00

On a beautiful June day, while walking deep in the woods on her property in Haven, Maine, Bobbi Anderson quite literally stumbles over her own destiny and that of the entire town. For the dull gray metal protrusion she discovers in the ground is part of a mysterious and massive metal object, one ...

The American Girl
Horsley, Kate

74% off list price of $15.99

From a bright new talent comes a riveting psychological thriller about an American exchange student in France involved in a suspicious accident, and the journalist determined to break the story and uncover the dark secrets a small town is hiding.On a quiet summer morning, seventeen-year-old Ameri...

Catacomb (An Asylum Novel, Bk. 3)
Roux, Madeleine

69% off list price of $9.99

Sometimes the past is better off buried.Senior year is finally over. After all they've been through, Dan, Abby, and Jordan are excited to take one last road trip together, and they're just not going to think about what will happen when the summer ends. But on their way to visit Jordan's uncle in ...

Desire Lines
Kline, Christina Baker

58% off list price of $14.99

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Orphan Train comes a novel about friendship and the memories that haunt us On the night of her high school graduation, Kathryn Campbell sits around a bonfire with her four closest friends, including the beautiful but erratic Jennifer. "I'll...

Murder of Crows (The Others, Bk 2)
Bishop, Anne

95% off list price of $26.95

A string of drug-fueled violence and murders between humans and Others sends cassandra sangue, Meg Corbyn, inside the Courtyard to discuss the prophetic dreams she's been having in the follow-up to Written in Red.

A Head Full of Ghosts
Tremblay, Paul

61% off list price of $14.99

The lives of the Barretts, a normal suburban New England family, are torn apart when fourteen-year-old Marjorie begins to display signs of acute schizophrenia.To her parents’ despair, the doctors are unable to stop Marjorie’s descent into madness. As their stable home devolves into a house of hor...

When We Fall
Liebert, Emily

72% off list price of $15.00

Ready for a fresh start, Allison Parker moves back to her hometown in the suburbs of New York. While she’d once savored the dynamic pace of city life, sadly, it lost its allure after her husband’s untimely death. Now, ready to focus on her art career accompanied by her ten-year-old so...

The Ring and the Crown
de la Cruz, Melissa

69% off list price of $9.99

Magic is power, and power is magic... Once they were inseparable, just two little girls playing games in a mighty castle. Now Princess Marie-Victoria, heir to the mightiest empire in the world, and Aelwyn Myrddyn, a bastard mage, face vastly different futures. Quiet and gentle, Marie has never li...

Salt and Storm
Kulper, Kendall

58% off list price of $10.00

Avery Roe is her mother's captive, and she has fought her whole life to escape and take her rightful place as the witch of Prince Island. Though the island is nothing more than a windswept rock out in the ocean, the witch's power is legendary, and it is Avery's birthright. But when Avery foretell...

Twilight at Blueberry Barrens (A Sunset Cove Novel)
Coble, Colleen

71% off list price of $24.99

Kate Mason has devoted herself to caring for her family’s blueberry barrens. But after her fields stop producing fruit, she’s forced to come up with alternative ways to make a living.Renting out the small cottage on her property seems an obvious choice, but it won’t be enough. When entrepreneur D...

A Madness So Discreet
McGinnis, Mindy

69% off list price of $9.99

Grace Mae is already familiar with madness when family secrets and the bulge in her belly send her to an insane asylum - but it is in the darkness that she finds a new lease on life. When a visiting doctor interested in criminal psychology recognizes Grace’s brilliant mind beneath her rage, he re...

Watcher In The Woods (Dreamhouse Kings, Bk. 2)
Liparulo, Robert

58% off list price of $9.99

Twelve-year-old David and his family search for their kidnapped mother in the many different time period portals of their home, but when a stranger appears and tries to force them to sell the house, their desperation reaches new heights.

72 Hours
Jewel, Bella
(Pocket Books)

67% off list price of $7.99

It’s all part of his sick game. A game he’s been planning for an entire decade. Now everything is perfect: One woman and one man have been selected. They used to be a couple - and they can no longer stand one another. They are the perfect victims. He doesn’t intend for the game to be easy. He wan...

Shards & Ashes (Otherworld Stories)
Marr, Melissa

74% off list price of $17.99

The world is gone, destroyed by human, ecological, or supernatural causes. Survivors dodge chemical warfare and cruel gods; they travel the reaches of space and inhabit underground caverns. Their enemies are disease, corrupt corporations, and one another; their resources are few and their courage...

A Study in Charlotte (Charlotte Holmes Novel)
Cavallaro, Brittany

59% off list price of $17.99

The first book in a witty, suspenseful new trilogy about a brilliant new crime-solving duo: the teen descendants of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. This clever page-turner will appeal to fans of Maureen Johnson and Ally Carter. Jamie Watson has always been intrigued by Charlotte Holmes; after al...

The Fireman
Hill, Joe

65% off list price of $28.99

No one knows exactly when it began or where it originated. A terrifying new plague is spreading like wildfire across the country, striking cities one by one: Boston, Detroit, Seattle. The doctors call it Draco Incendia Trychophyton. To everyone else it’s Dragonscale, a highly contagious, deadly s...

First Frost
Allen, Sarah Addison

80% off list price of $25.99

It's October in Bascom, North Carolina, and autumn will not go quietly. As temperatures drop and leaves begin to turn, the Waverley women are made restless by the whims of their mischievous apple tree . . . and all the magic that swirls around it. But this year, first frost has much more in store...

The Mysterious Howling (Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, Bk. 1)
Wood, Maryrose

69% off list price of $16.99

Fifteen-year-old Miss Penelope Lumley, a recent graduate of the Swanburne Academy for Poor Bright Females, is hired as a governess to three young children who have been raised by wolves and must them to behave in a civilized manner quickly, in preparation for a Christmas ball.

If We Were Villains
Rio, M. L.

69% off list price of $16.99

Oliver Marks has just served ten years in jail – for a murder he may or may not have committed. On the day he's released, he's greeted by the man who put him in prison. Detective Colborne is retiring, but before he does, he wants to know what really happened a decade ago.Ten years ago: as one of ...

Ford, Richard

81% off list price of $27.99

"First, I'll tell about the robbery our parents committed. Then about the murders, which happened later."When fifteen-year-old Dell Parsons' parents rob a bank, his sense of normal life is forever altered. In an instant, this private cataclysm drives his life into before and after, a threshold th...

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